Date Sheet Examination 2018

Other Notices 

Old Question Papers

May 2018

M.Pharm, Pharmacology

M.Pharm, Pharmacognosy

M.Pharm, Pharmaceutics

M.Pharm, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology 

M.Pharm, Hospital Pharmacy

M.Pharm, DRA

M.Pharm, Cosmeceutics

M.Pharm, Clinical Research

M.Pharm, Quality Assurance

M.Pharm, Pharmaceutical Chemistry

M.Pharm, Pharmaceutical Analysis

M.Pharm, Industrial Pharmacy

MBA, Drug Regulatory Affairs and Intellectual Property Rights

MBA, Pharmaceutical Management

Master of Hospital Management

Master of Public Health

B.Pharm, 3rd Year

B.Pharm, 4th Semester

BPT, 2nd Year

BPT, 3rd Year

BPT, 2nd Semester

BPT, 4th Semester

BPT, 2nd Semester Supplementary

B.Sc. Sports Sciences

D.Pharm, 2nd Year

D.Pharm, 1st Year


January 2018

M.Pharm, Advance Pharmacology I - I Semester

M.Pharm, Industrial Pharmacy - I Semester

M.Pharm, Pharmaceutical Analysis - I Semester

M.Pharm, Quality Assurance - I Semester

M.Pharm, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology - I Semester

M.Pharm, Pharmaceutical Management, Yogic Science- I Semester

MBA Pharmaceutical Management, Foreign Language, German - I Semester

MHM and MPH, Principals of Management - I Semester

MHM, Marketing & Public Relations Management in Healthcare - III Semester

MBA, Pharmaceutical Marketing and Brand Management - I Semester

December 2017

B.Pharm, Human Anatomy and Physiology - I Semester

B.Pharm, Human Physiology - I Semester

B.Pharm, Pathology and Microbiology - II Semester

B.Pharm, Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry - III Semester

B.Sc., Sports Sciences, I Semester

May 2017

D.Pharm - 1 Year

B.Pharm - II Semester

B.Pharm - 1 Year Supplementary

B.Pharm - 2 Year

BPT - I Year Supplementary

BPT - 2 Year, May 2017

BPT - 2 Semester